Ocean Server Upgrade November 10th 2020 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for November 10th, 2020 at 9:30 PM EST contains the following features, improvements and fixes. 



  • Multiple delegates can now be activated together within the New Delegate dropdown.

  • Referrers who are nurse practitioners can now enter in the Authorizer field of the Send Referral user interface the name of a provider who is required to ‘sign-off’ on the referral.  The Authorizer field will display in the Referral view and within the PDF copy.  It can also be used within analytical reporting.
  • The health service offering (HSO)  ‘Oncology’ has been changed to ‘Medical Oncology’ and a new HSO for ‘Obstetrical Ultrasound’ has been added.
  • New “tags” have been added on listings for each Regional Authority Ocean site so that an Advanced Search in the Ocean Healthmap can now be run for listings under each region.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a bug that was causing ‘Referral Update’ email notifications to be sent for all new referrals.
  • Raised the limit for exporting referrals from a Regional Authority site to 10,000.

Patient Engagement

New Features

  • Telus Med Access clients with Ocean listed in the Telus Launcher feature will be able to launch into Ocean ‘in context’ (the user and patient information will pre-populate in Ocean).  The launch options include opening the Ocean patient dashboard, opening the patient's Ocean record, sending the patient a secure message and adding an eForm. 


  • A site admin can now set a subsite on a provider so that the patient messages license is split out on the invoice.
  • Patients can now ‘go back’ to a previous page throughout the Online Booking experience rather than having to start over.
  • A SMS Patient Reminder will be sent to a patient even if they do not have an email address to receive an email reminder. (NOTE:  This feature is currently only available to sites participating in our Early Access Program.)

Fixed Bugs

  • Resolved a bug that was causing email notifications to be sent for all new website form submissions.
  • Improved Online Booking error handling so that the patient will see the appointment confirmation screen (indicating the booking has been completed) even if the Ocean note cannot be uploaded. into the EMR.  (The clinic will receive a notification of the situation and instructions on next steps.)
  • Fixed a bug in Online Booking in which open slots within a contiguous interval are presented even if they are before the day/time time restriction setting.
  • Fixed a bug in Online Booking that caused appointments to be assigned to the wrong Ocean Appointment Type if two types share the same patient-facing label.
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