Ocean Server Upgrade October 20th 2020 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for October 20th, 2020 at 9:30 PM EST contains the following features, improvements and fixes. 



  • When receiving referrals using the OSCAR Pro (WELL EMR), the referral letter will be imported into the Documents view as a PDF.  Any referral attachments will be added as a separate Document.
  • Filenames of imported documents will be more descriptive.
  • Regional authority and central intake users now have the ability to make updates to directory listings that are automatically validated.
  • The list of copied providers will now appear in the ‘Send eReferral’ confirmation window (as a validation step).
  • The CC eReferral function will now notify the copied provider(s) by email (if they're on Ocean), when the eReferral is first sent.
  • Copied providers that have been added or removed from the CC eReferral function will now be recorded in the eReferral event log.
  • Copied providers that are subsequently removed as a stakeholder from the eReferral will have that eReferral removed from their ‘All Received’ folder, and be notified with an automated referral message, similar to the “Revoke Forward” action.
  • The user is now prompted to clear appointment information from the eReferral when declining an eReferral, and the cancellation message to the recipient was updated to remind the site to remove any appointments from their clinic’s schedule.

Fixed Bugs

  • eReferral buttons will now consistently display on the bottom right.
  • The "Reviewed and Closed" Button will now behave as expected when an eReferral is opened directly from an email or the EMR.
  • Added a mitigation to prevent the eReferral user from saving a referral twice when "Send" is selected on a message.
  • Added a mitigation to ensure the ReferralPDF 'Copy status to' section does not overlap the page footer when there are several entries.
  • The redirect links from Ocean Healthmap to the User's Account Page have been updated.
  • Referrals saved as ‘incomplete’ now appear in the Incomplete Folder.


Patient Engagement

New Features

  • Individual Patient Reminders rules can now be configured to optionally send patients an SMS reminder (as well as an email reminder).   This feature is available for pre-appointment reminders.  The Reminders download log will include a record of patients that are sent an SMS reminder.   Patients can opt-out of receiving SMS directly from the text message. There is a per-SMS charge that will appear in the Billing section.  (NOTE:  This feature is currently only available to sites participating in our Early Access Program.)


  • The transactional pricing for each ad-hoc Ocean Online completed form has been updated to $0.50 and the $0.10 ‘invitation fee’ has now been eliminated.

Fixed Bugs

  • Resolved a bug that was affecting how Ocean handled phone numbers extensions stored in Accuro.
  • Fixed a bug that caused online booking to occasionally use the wrong “office hours” restrictions when two online schedules were linked to the same underlying EMR schedule.


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