Ocean Server Upgrade August 18th 2020 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for August 18th, 2020 at 9:30 PM EST contains the following features, improvements and fixes. 



  • Added a confirmation step for the user to verify the intended eReferral source site when sending a referral from the PSS EMR. This prompt will only appear when the EMR is connected to more than one Ocean site, and the referrer has previously sent a referral at one of the other sites listed.
  • Sites can now enable Ocean to auto-close referrals that have an appointment date in the past, moving them to the Completed folder. 
  • Added an event to the Event Log for “Related Referral Created”, whenever a referral is split into multiple referrals, or a related referral is added.

Fixed Bugs

  • Central Intake can now reclaim a “child” eReferral that had been forwarded twice.
  • Corrected the spelling of the HSO Service ID for ‘Friendly Visiting’.
  • Resolved a bug that was causing notifications to be sent every 10 minutes for non-existent referrals.
  • Addressed a bug restricting the ability to use the search filter after viewing an eReferral based on a patient surname filter search.


Patient Engagement

New Features

  • Enable administrative staff users to add delegates.
  • Added more information to the audit logs to provide more clarity which records correspond to a given Ocean event.

Fixed Bugs

  • Resolved a bug that was not removing the PSS Ocean toolbar message to “Connected to Ocean” after a patient has viewed a secure message.
  • Addressed a bug that could pull expired appointment times from earlier in the day into secure messages using the ptNextApptDate keyword.
  • Added a workaround for a TELUS API incompatibility that was causing Online Booking to fail when a query using health number was performed.
  • Resolved a bug that prevented the import of patient notes in OSCAR for some clinics. 


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