Ocean Server Upgrade July 28th 2020 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for July 28th, 2020 at 9:30 PM EST contains the following improvements and fixes. 




  • Improvements to the selection and behaviour of the buttons that are displayed for Referral records in the “Awaiting Reply” folder.
  • Ocean referral reference number now appears in the page footer of the Referral PDF Downloads.
  • If the site’s logo is saved in the directory listing, it will now display on the PDF Referral Patient Handouts and Notification Sheet.
  • The referral record will now have appended to it a ‘Forwarded by _____  to _____ on <forwarded date>’ note for each forwarding event (not just the latest one).
  • The eRequest Types in the Website Form Link Configuration panel has been updated to appropriately handle Patient Self-Referrals, and display them in the eReferrals view instead of the Website Form view.
  • OSCAR clients with a Cloud Connect integration will no longer see the ‘Download’ button in the Ocean toolbar as it’s no longer necessary (see Note below).

Fixed Bugs

  • The ‘Needs Review’ yellow icon no longer appears for referrals in the New tab that were simply referrals sent with attachments.
  • Ocean users can now enter an unbounded DARC/T entry even if there is a previous appointment on the referral.
  • Users creating an eReferral using Internet Explorer can now add an appointment time to the referral's scheduling pane.  (An appointment time has to be entered manually before the dropdown shows.)
  • Resolved a bug that was causing some directory listings that were approved by a Regional Authority to still require validation.
  • Resolved a bug occurring when an eReferral record was open and then the browser ‘Back’ button was selected, resulting in the user being redirected to the previous portal view, rather than to the eReferrals view.
  • Resolved a bug so that an OSCAR user is able to preview HTML attachments within a browser rather than initiating a download.


Patient Engagement


  • The new Website Forms and Online Booking views have been simplified by removing unnecessary columns (i.e. Source, Site, Protocol, Priority, Noted from Online Booking and Source and Site from Website Forms). They also now present records in reverse chronological order by default.
  • Website forms that are used to enable patient self-referrals can now be configured to behave and appear in the eReferral view instead of the Website Form view.
  • The confirmation text displayed to patients after they submit a reply to a secure message has been modified.
  • The Ocean User Account view has been updated to follow the pattern of the new navigation and launcher user interface.
  • Improvements to the Online Booking settings user interface.
  • The OSCAR Cloud Connect integration now supports the ability to write measurements in OSCAR (e.g. PHQ-9 values).  (see Note below)

Fixed Bugs

  • Resolved a bug that was preventing demographic fields (e.g health card validation number) provided in online booking confirmations from updating the EMR record.
  • Addressed issues impacting the ability to display the new Ocean navigation and launcher features on Internet Explorer.
  • Additional redirect support from the old Ocean portal URL to the new portal URL.
  • Resolved issue in which refreshing the edit booking link page results in an error, empty page, and navigation to stop working.
  • The new user menu no longer displays deactivated sites.


Note:    Ocean now has a comprehensive Cloud Connect integration with OSCAR. This means that OSCAR users will have many of the same features for eReferral and Patient Engagement as other Ocean-EMR integrations. The integration is only available to beta testing sites at this time. Please contact your OSCAR Service Provider for details about their plans to support this integration.

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