Ocean Server Upgrade July 7th 2020 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for July 7th, 2020 at 9:30 PM EST contains the following features, improvements and fixes. 

Note:    Ocean now has a comprehensive Cloud Connect integration with OSCAR. This means that OSCAR users will have many of the same features for eReferral and Patient Engagement as other Ocean-EMR integrations. The integration is only available to beta testing sites at this time. Please contact your OSCAR Service Provider for details about their plans to support this integration.


New Features

  • OSCAR users can now send eReferrals directly within the Consult panel, upload attachments with the eReferral, as well as have the referral note automatically download into the patient chart. OSCAR will now also automatically update the status of the eReferral within the Consult panel (see Note above).
  • Ocean will now automatically create a new patient chart within OSCAR upon import of an eReferral. If a patient chart already exists (a valid health card number match), Ocean will update the existing record automatically upon import (see Note above).


  • When a referral is flagged for review by a site, the referral will now be left in the Pending Booking folder, and a copy of it will be moved to the Needs Review folder. The light grey message bubble icon on referrals within the portal will be replaced with the yellow icon indicating the referral has a message needing review. 
  • A new information flag was added beside the health number field on referrals, so users can be encouraged to add alternate health number identifiers (military id, refugee #, etc) for patients without a health card number. This information has also been added to the “Omit health number” prompt to encourage users to add a number which allows Ocean to track the patient’s referral history. 
  • A “Booked Appointment” column has been added to the "For Me" folder, and an "Appointment Type" Column has been added to to the Booking folders for any Ocean sites with more than one appointment label.
  • A validation step has been included before importing eReferral notes into PSS and Oscar to ensure they are being added to the correct patient record. 
  • DARC/DART date fields can be left empty and edited over time. An error will appear for the user if they attempt to add an appointment to the referral, without first adding in the end date of the DARC/DART.
  • A locking mechanism has been implemented to ensure sequencing across API endpoints.
  • The PSS Ocean Custom Form setting in Cloud Connect is now able to be set per-site across multi-site clinics. 
  • The "Print Notification Sheet" action in the “Notify Referring Provider” prompt now launches the new Status Notification Sheet PDF download.

Fixed Bugs

  • Attachments uploaded to referrals from the Accuro EMR can now be previewed within the browser.
  • The Enter key can now be used to trigger referral printing when the Action menu is opened.
  • Resolved the overlap of text appearing in the PDF downloads.
  • An "Electronically Signed" label was added beside the referrer's signature in the newly formatted PDF downloads.
  • Resolved issue preventing the resubmission of inbound referrals that were transcribed and then declined at Central Intake.

Patient Engagement

New Features

  • Ocean Portal has a new menu that collates the main product modules, views and resources into a single location to make navigation quicker and the user interface cleaner and more intuitive. 
  • Ocean now offers an ‘in-house product tour’ to familiarize new users to the Ocean portal and to highlight new features to current users. 
  • On the My Account page, users can now set an Ocean Portal default landing page. 
  • Ocean can now sync with the OSCAR appointment schedule and automatically update the appointment status via Ocean kiosks and reminders (see Note above).
  • Ocean can now automatically update OSCAR patient demographics, as well as other clinical data bands, from Ocean online messages, web forms, kiosks or tablets (see Note above).

Fixed Bugs

  • Completed forms can now be downloaded as individual progress notes into PSS.
  • Patients can now download secure message attachments multiple times even after clicking ‘I do not need to see this again.
  • Addressed an offset calculation error that was impacting Accuro clients in timezones with nonzero minutes portions (e.g. Newfoundland).
  • Addressed an eForm date format error that was impacting Accuro patient information updates.
  • Resolved issue that was causing Accuro PDF file attachments to become corrupted.


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