Ocean Server Upgrade June 16th 2020 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for June 16th, 2020 at 9:30 PM EST contains the following features, improvements and fixes. 


New Features

  • A new option in the Notes pane that enables referral notes, such as assessment outcome notes, to be downloaded and printed. 

  • Ocean support for OSCAR eReferrals (via Cloud Connect), including creating a new patient chart, automatic new consult creation in the consult tab, automatic updates to the consult status and automatic download of referral notes into the patient chart.


  • Accuro EMR users will now have medical summary data (diagnoses,medications, allergies) auto-populated into new eReferrals.

  • Reconciled the current Action menu options for downloading and printing the Referral Letter/Receipt, and replaced with two new options: Download Referral Record and Download Referral Note. The Referral Record will be a complete pdf with Notes, Messaging and Attachments included on the referral. The Referral Note will include only the General section and the Referral Note.

  • eReferrals routed to a Central Intake now include the name of the original requested referral target in the Referral Record/Note pdfs above. 

  • Phone extensions can now be added in the phone number field in patient demographics and referrer information of the eReferral form.

  • Updated the "To:" Line in Referral Messages to Include Referrer's Name with the Site Name.

  • Added an "Accepted as Walk-In" Folder to the set of Sent Folders in the eRequest Tab.

  • Added a pop up HRM Error when a referral message attempts to send through HRM and fails.
  • Updated the logic used to assign the listing name during the Caredove sync to rely on the health service name passed from Hubly.
  • Improvements to the CMD admin directory tab to assist with the review of listing claims.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed an ElasticSearch bug in the Health Map, where a listing failed to be returned due to a catchment area being nested in one of the offerings.
  • Fixed bug related to the move of buttons into the autoDirty zone of the referral scheduling pane which is causing Sentry crashes and referrals to crash on close.
  • Appointment label is now assigned Wait1 correctly regardless of the sequence of labels added.
  • Purge date displayed in the Event Log is now correctly updated when a review is requested on a referral, and for referrals in the New box.


Patient Engagement

Fixed Bugs

  • Clinics using online booking with Med Access EMR can now allow patients to book across all providers associated with the clinic.
  • Contiguous appointment timeslots within a schedule within similar appointment types can now be booked as separate appointments without requiring a time gap between them.
  • The attachment upload feature no longer flag jpgs from Android as truncated and failing website form submissions.
  • In Cloud Connect, PSS users may now enter the EMR secret and ID in either sequence.
  • An error related to an undefined site number when navigating to the eForm editor from the Online Booking schedule edit page has been addressed.


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