Ocean Server Upgrade May 5th 2020 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for May 5th, 2020 at 9:30 PM EST contains the following features, improvements and fixes. 


New Features

  • Added a new option to batch print eReferrals from the Ocean Portal. This is done by choosing referrals within a specific folder, applying filters (such as listing, service offering, or booking date range), and then clicking Print Referrals to generate one pdf of the referrals listed to print.


  • Added a “Cancel” button to the bottom of the full-screen referral display.
  • Added an “Import into EMR” option to the Action menu, so referrals can be imported into the EMR at any point in the referral workflow.
  • Updated the date field formatting for referral creation date, message date, and review date found in the Referral Messages Export. 
  • Changed language in referral email notifications so the status is marked as “Completed as eConsult” rather than simply “Completed”, when appropriate. Also updated the “View” button to state “eConsult” when appropriate. 
  • Added a new Integration Permission for referral messaging attachments, separate from referral messaging. Updated the messaging pane UI if messaging is disabled for an integrated referral target.
  • eReferrals can now be updated to “Completed” through the API, regardless of appointment status.

Fixed Bugs

  • Improved error handling when users link their Ocean account to their EMR user on the HealthMap. The user’s default site will no longer need to be set to the site their EMR is integrated with, and Ocean will prompt if the user does not belong to that site.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents users from successfully removing site favorites in the HealthMap.
  • Fixed a bug that caused eConsult “Needs Review” reminder notification to only be triggered once at the 7-day mark, rather than every 7 days moving forward.

Patient Engagement

New Features

  • Developed an “Office Hours” feature that allows providers to specify hours that should not be available on the schedule for online booking. 
  • Added an Import Button to the Action menu to streamline the steps required to import notes from eRequests (website forms, online booking, eReferrals) into a new patient stub chart. 

Improvements – Website Forms

  • Updated language on the import message window to explain how to import attachments into the EMR.
  • Streamlined the process of attaching files to website forms.
  • Added validation step when the patient selects to include an attachment that s/he cannot proceed if an attached file is not detected.
  • Updated the Referral Import Dialog to indicate that website forms are being saved as Documents rather than encounter notes if the Documents setting is configured.

Improvements – Online Booking

  • Added an “Add to Calendar” option to on Online Booking confirmation emails.
  • Changed “Check In” button to “Submit” on Patient Authenticator. 
  • Updated language on the booking’s confirmation screen from “"Please check your email inbox to confirm the appointment" to "An email has been sent with this appointment information."
  • Users will now be prompted to save if they try to navigate out of the Provider Schedules view with unfinished changes.
  • Added a validation check and prompt for the user to remove an appointment type from a Provider Schedule before proceeding.to delete that an appointment type. 
  • Updated the patient-facing Request Declined language that appears when attempting to book multiple appointments to clarify when the patient will be permitted to book a subsequent appointment.
  • Online Booking submissions are now reported as a separate section and listed by provider in Ocean weekly reports.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a bug that caused completed forms that were emailed as Web Questionnaires to show up in the EMR as partially completed.


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