Ocean Server Upgrade Sept 17 2019 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for September 17, 2019 at 9:30 PM EST contains the following fixes and improvements.


  • Updated the Patient Dashboard (commonly used by Accuro and Oscar referral senders/receivers) to a table format, so it more closely resembles how referrals are displayed in the Portal. Any active Sent and Received referrals for a patient are now separated into two tables, with a column to view the current status of the referrals at a glance.
  • Moved the set of “OK” buttons to the bottom of the Review form and added a scrollbar for longer forms, so the buttons are always visible when the form is opened.
  • The patient's Date of Birth field on referrals will now auto-populate the “/” marks, making it quicker to populate manually. Also added validation to the field to ensure a future date is not entered, and that a maximum of 4 digits is used for the year entry.
  • The referral messaging pane now clearly displays senders and receivers of messages by name and location. This includes the listing name followed by the organization name (if available) or Ocean site name.
  • Updated the messaging recipient in the Messaging Pane, such that the last message sender is defaulted as the recipient of the message.
  • The Edit Patient Information window for inbound referrals now includes a field to update the Health Card version code, if entered incorrectly.
  • The “Delete” option in a referral’s action menu will now only be available for referrals marked as test, or patient self-referrals.
  • Sending referrals with attachments larger than 10 MB, or incorrect file types, will now prompt the user with an error at the time the referral is sent.
  • Added a new Health Service Offering for “Cataract Surgery”.
  • Fixed a bug where EMR-based attachments could be purged from an incomplete referral before it was sent, resulting in an error when attempting to print or download the referral letter.
  • Fixed a bug where parentheses in file name attachments resulted in the file name being truncated when downloaded from the referral.
  • Fixed a bug where the confirmed status was no longer updating on the appointment in the Accuro schedule when confirmed on the Ocean referral.
  • Fixed a bug where a prior declined event was resulting in the referral incorrectly sitting in the declined tab at central intake.
  • Removed some legacy functionality where the payer of the site would be copied on specific referral email notifications, such as when a referral was resent or ownership is reclaimed.

Patient Engagement

  • Ocean username and password requirements are now displayed on the sign-up page and are validated prior to completing sign-up.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from accessing Ocean Support if they updated their email address in the Ocean Portal.
  • Fixed a bug with the Day Sheet to ensure that all appointments are being displayed if a patient has multiple appointments on the same day.
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