Ocean Server Upgrade Mar 12 2019 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for Mar 12, 2019 at 9:30 PM EST contains the following fixes and improvements.

Patient Engagement

  • New feature: Ocean Reminders have been enhanced with a more user-friendly user interface and new features. Reminders can now send for multiple upcoming appointments for the same patient in sequence, including appointments booked on the same day. It can now also send reminders for appointments booked farther in the future or post-visit forms farther beyond their initial appointment.
  • New feature: The Ocean Rule Builder: Implementing complex Javascript rules for Ocean Reminders and kiosk check-in rules is much more user-friendly thanks to a helpful contextual popup pick-list of scripting options.
  • Defining a custom walk-in provider for a particular kiosk is now easier thanks to an embedded contextual help link, an expanded scriptable area, and the new Rule Builder.


  • New feature: Listings may now be configured to force users to sign in with an Ocean account prior to sending an eReferral or provider message to the listing.
  • New feature: Streamlined review of health service offerings in the Ocean Health Map: When users search for a particular type of offering, the offerings are now directly shown in the search results. Detailed information about the offering is shown automatically in-line when the match is selected, making it easier for users to review the relevant information.
  • Referrals that were manually fax-forwarded to offline listings claimed by a particular Ocean site will now display the Ocean site as a potential recipient instead of the offline listing (since the offline listing is usually unavailable to review the message).
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