Quick Troubleshooting: Patient Tablets

Common Issues

“My tablet is not working.”

“My tablet is frozen.”

“How do I switch tablet modes?”

“My tablet is not refreshing.”

“Patient notes are not downloading.”

Diagnosis Questions

Is Cloud Connect running?

Go into the Patients view to see if appointments are syncing or sign into Cloud Connect to see if sync is in progress.

Is your Patient Tablet app up to date?

Update the Ocean Tablet App by following the steps here.

Is your WiFi working? Are other browser pages opening?

Check tablet’s WiFi settings.

Is your tablet in the correct mode?

If tablet is handed to patients, it must be in “Staff-Initiated” mode. To check, go to Ocean Portal > Tablets & Kiosks > Edit and confirm the value in the Tablet Mode dropdown.

Have you refreshed the tablet app to change modes?

Enter a series of “0s” to refresh the tablet app, which is necessary when changing tablet modes.

If your tablet is frozen, have you tried restarting the tablet?

Hold the power button and volume down button simultaneously.

Have you checked the status of the patient's notes?

Go to Ocean Portal > Patients > "Status” Column

Understanding Patient Status Icons in the Ocean Portal

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