Helpful Tips for Tablets

  • Connectivity Status

    • At the bottom right of the lock screen, the three “cogs” that give a simple, visual cue about the connectivity of the tablet. When the tablet is not in use, you will see it faded with “zzz” to preserve battery. However, after you touch the screen, you will see the cogs lit up. If 3 are lit up, the tablet is connected. If there are less than three, you will see an exclamation mark that indicates a problem. Touch the cogs icon to see the problem description.
  • Administration Menu

    • To access the admin menu, press the single “cog” icon or Ocean logo at the bottom left of the screen. You will be prompted for your Ocean username and password. The admin menu allows you to upgrade the Ocean Tablet app and configure application settings.
  • Deauthorizing Tablets

    • To deauthorize the tablet (remove it from your account), go to the Tablets & Kiosks view in the Ocean portal, click on the tablet you'd like to deauthorize and click "De-register" to remove a tablet from your account for billing and security purposes.
  • The Shared Encryption Key

    • To remove the patient data encryption key, select “reset secret key” to erase it from the device. You will be immediately prompted to reenter it.
    • To help your clinic remember your shared encryption key and account information, we recommend you download, print, and complete the Clinic Reference Card with the settings you just entered.
    • To learn more about the shared encryption key, please refer to "The Shared Encryption Key".
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