Deregistering Tablets

Ocean allows you to easily deregister a tablet device if it is no longer in use.

Depending on if you plan to re-register the device in the future, you can perform a temporary deregistration via the tablet itself, or a permanent deregistration within the Ocean Portal.

In both cases, your customized tablet grouping configuration is safely saved within your Ocean Site's tablet grouping(s).

Temporarily Deregister Your Tablet

If you'd like to temporarily suspend your tablet subscription for Ocean services (e.g. your clinic is closed over the summer), you can deregister your tablet from the Ocean Tablet Administration Menu on the device itself.

    • Open the Ocean Tablet app on your tablet.
    • Tap the Ocean logo (or cog) at the bottom left corner of the main screen.
    • Enter your Ocean username and password to access the Administration Menu.
    • Note:Your Ocean user account must have Site Admin access on your Ocean Site to access the Administration Menu.
    • From the Administration Menu, select "Deregister".
    • In the Ocean Portal, you will see your tablet device listed with a '(DEACTIVATED)' status.
    • When you're ready to re-register your tablet device, simply open the Ocean Tablet app, enter your Ocean user account password, and press 'Register Tablet'.
  • Permanently Deregister Your Tablet

    You can permanently deregister your tablet device from the Ocean Portal if you are no longer using it for Ocean or it has been broken, stolen, lost.

    • Within the Ocean Portal, click the "Menu" button in the top left corner and select "Tablets & Kiosks".
    • Find the tablet device that you wish to deactivate and click "De-register".
    • You will be prompted to confirm that you want to deregister the tablet.

      Once confirmed, the tablet device will be removed from your Ocean site entirely.

To re-register a tablet device to your Ocean site that was previously permanently removed, please refer to Registering Your Tablet Through the Patient Tablet App.

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