Ocean Server Upgrade Nov 6 2018 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for Nov 6, 2018 at 9:30 PM EST contains the following fixes and improvements.


  • More tabs in the eRequest inbox and outbox will now immediately display their respective referral counts. 
  • The User Activity report now provides consistent formatting across column values.
  • The Forward Referral panel now shows the full list of user favourites.
  • Central Intake listings now support catchment areas.
  • Referral printouts now include patient identifiers on the header of every page.
  • Forwarded referrals are now only available from the 'Forwarded(All)' tab of the eRequest Inbox. Note: This change does not affect Central Intake sites.
  • Added HCN, DOB, and gender to referral exports.
  • Added referral status to referral exports.
  • Added ax_secondaryOutcome to referral analytics.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent an attachment from being saved with the referral after clicking 'Save for Later'.
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