Ocean Server Upgrade July 4 2018 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for July 4, 2018 at 9:30 PM EST contains the following fixes and improvements.


  • The health map blue circle and radius setting has been replaced with a more intuitive search interface that uses the map boundary as the search area. Empty searches will prompt the user to optionally zoom out or search the entire directory to find results.

  • Users can drag and drop on the map and subsequently choose a "Search This Area" button to update their search with the new map boundary.

  • The wait time and distance sorting now displays an ascending sort icon when clicked.

  • Users can now enter a creation date for a referral when entering a New Inbound referral.

  • Listings are now sorted by proximity when accessed using the API (e.g. for CarePortal)

  • In the EMR and the Patient Dashboard summary of a referral, it now displays " - Confirmed" immediately next to the appointment date/time, rather than listing the confirmation status later in the summary.

  • Fixed a bug that could occasionally result in a popup error showing a problem with "sessionStorage" when a user performs a number of interactions with the map.

  • Notification emails sent to clinic administrators that involve pending eReferral purges are now sent to the clinic's referral notification email (if specified) instead of the clinical delegate or system administrator email.

  • Referrals that involve rapid assessment clinics are now available to the rapid assessment clinics using the "initialAssessmentSiteNum" analytic API field. They are also included in the referral analytic export for these sites.

  • The Booked Unconfirmed tab will leave its "Start Date" as blank by default now to reduce confusion for users who are looking for past-booked referrals.

  • The favourites view now in the health map no longer displays a green arrow icon.

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in "New" and "Accepted" referrals showing in the Booked Unconfirmed tab whenever the booking date was cleared from this tab.

  • Fixed a bug that could display an error stating, "Regional authority not found" when the Send Referral Dialog is opened in OceanHealthMap.ca for an unaffiliated SCA listing after previously reviewing an SCA-affiliated listing.

  • Added Breast Ultrasound as a new health service tag.


  • General stability and monitoring improvements
  • Improvements to error handling with EMR configuration and EMR synchronization
  • Improvements to error logging and error log management
  • Past shared encryption keys are now stored as needed to enable the decryption of patients and referrals encrypted with these past keys.
  • Fixed a bug regarding the handling of patient records within the same EMR with the same health number during an upload to Ocean
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