Ocean Server Upgrade Apr 24 2018 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for April 24th 2018 at 9:30 PM EST contains the following fixes and improvements.


  • New feature: An email notification can now be sent when a form is completed and added to a referral. The notification includes the clinical note generated by the form, and can be sent to the patient and/or referrer.
  • Added a warning message to the Ocean health map for listings that have not yet been verified.
  • A referral's booking is now marked "unconfirmed" when the booking comments are changed.
  • Mammography is now listed when browsing Diagnostic Imaging in the health map.
  • Allow editing of the referral note for Inbound referrals.
  • All replies are now accepted when a referral is marked as completed.
  • Re-organized the eRequest inbox tabs into Received, Sent, and Processed groups.
  • Wait times are now being calculated per health service, to be displayed on listings and search results (coming soon!)
  • Referral comments are now included in the payload provided by the /referrals endpoint of the Ocean Open API.

Patient engagement

  • Fixed an issue where the Ocean Tablet would improperly handle an Ontario health number fetched from the Accuro API, if the health number contained a version code.
  • Accuro demographic custom fields are now pulled into Ocean. Custom fields can be used as default values in eForms, or for creating Tablet Rules.
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