Ocean Server Upgrade Jan 22 2018 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for January 22nd 2018 at 9:30 PM EST contains the following fixes and improvements.


  • Central intake and referral-owning sites are now able to edit the referral note when the referral is a 'child referral', such as one added by the Create Related Referral, or created via splitting a master referral.
  • Added a new field to allow diagnostic imaging wait times to be more granular: ax_examType. 
  • Fixed the new "clean" referral analytics export to properly filter on master, test and deleted (some edge cases, e.g. older referrals, were not properly in the initial iteration).
  • Referral forms and triage/review forms now have access to some useful keywords: 'refRt', 'refOffering', 'refServices', 'refRtServices'. These allow very granular service availability logic to be scripted into forms shared by multiple sites (initial use case is the universal DI referral form in WWLHIN, which can show different information depending on the hospital and health services requested).
  • We improved the way a post-hoc referral note edit is managed (e.g. when the referrer updates the referral form/note after initial send). Now a note, "The referral note was edited." will appear when a referrer updates the referral. If it is updated after the referral has been accepted by the destination site, it will be marked as needing review by the referral's owner site.
  • Fixed a bug that appeared if you opened a referral from a PSS referral form and opened the comment drop-down.
  • Improved the new appointment "needs notification" flagging logic to account for self-referrals and older referrals (which were incorrectly flagged as needing notification).
  • Fixed an edge case issue in which a referral would refused to be declined if the referral was forwarded to the same site (e.g. clinic A forwards to clinic A). Now it checks to see whether the most recent forward was from the same site; if so, it ignores it and declines the referral as it normally would. It only 'bounces' back now to the previous site on a decline when it has been forwarded and the most recent forward was from a different site.
  • Ocean will now show the referrer's address information when printing referrals in the directory.
  • You can now decline referrals even if they've been booked.
  • Improved error messages when a corrupt attachment file is uploaded.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in an error popup when clearing the email address after the referrer indicates "Do Not Use Email".

Patient Engagement

  • New feature: you can now have eForm notes generate "red flags" at the note level. Patient note/questionnaire updates can now be optionally flagged as RED/ORANGE/YELLOW/GREEN/PURPLE/BLUE using a hidden 'noteFlag' item. These note flags will update the status icon in the Patients tab with an asterisk (*) with the corresponding colour. They will also update the notification email subject line with a " (RED)" suffix and an extra paragraph "The response has been flagged as RED." in the email body.
  • TELUS API users will now have access to the Day Sheet view mode (like Accuro users), making it easy to see appointments in Ocean and, as needed, to retrieve patients from the EMR using the "Fetch by HN" function.
  • Added code to guard against a non-reproducible issue in which an unknown IE version could munge together "ocean" and "cognisantmd" in a URL while generating an Ocean Online invitation, thus rendering the URL in the email invalid ("oceancognisantmd.com"). The links will now be generated with code that should be more cross-browser-friendly.
  • Added code to guard against an issue reported by two clinics in which the confirmation popup dialog was skipped after sending Ocean Online invitations despite successful sends.
  • Added a new report for exporting real-time Ontario MoH HCV audit data.
  • Added the ability to store Ontario MoH HCV credentials in site settings for kiosk validation. Credentials are encrypted using the site shared encryption key for additional security.
  • Addition work on eRequest module to allow appointment booking (not just requests), coupled with the ability to present forms for the visit type. Requires Ocean Online site-wide license.
  • Fixes to a couple bugs related to the management of delegate users on the My Account page.
  • Removed a benign error popup that would appear if the patient popup dialog in the Patients tab was closed before the data was completely loaded.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the OceanConnect version installed on a tablet to be lost from server temporarily if the same tablet was used for patient forms.
  • Clinic staff can now "reset" Ocean Online invitations from the Patients tab in cases that the patient got the validation criteria wrong too many times.
  • Improved user feedback when the encryption key is updated.
  • Study forms will now be excluded from eRequest Link configuration eForm searches (since they should be instead created as public study links).
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