Ocean Server Upgrade April 11th, 2024 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for April 11th, 2024 at 9:30 PM EST contains the following improvements and fixes.

Provider Network


  • Enhanced the filter options for Central Intakes in the eReferrals & eConsults portal Forward folder to filter on referrals that have been forwarded then accepted and declined.
  • Enhanced existing Needs Review by filter in the eReferrals & eConsults portal Needs Review Folder.
  • Changed purge criteria to retain the patients for the full lifecycle of the associated Referral or Website Form. Users are warned when manually deleting Patients that associated notes will also be removed.
  • Added a “Contact Email for Patient Notifications” field in directory listing settings.  When populated, the email address will appear in the referral patient notification emails.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Users are now prevented from viewing Saved for Later referrals from URL links if they do not have appropriate access permissions.



  • New automated email generated and sent to the site when a Regional Authority (RA) disables billing coverage for Patient Messages or Online Booking.
  • Minor updates to the Site Licence Approval’s “Manage” page under RA sites.
  • Ocean will now check whether a site can send messages based on a site-specific payment method  or if there is a RA assigned Patient Messaging licence.

Fixed Bugs:

  • RA Site Export & Search function updated to include all Sites under the RA.
  • Invoices will once again display billing items organized by type.

Support Article Updates

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