Ocean Server Upgrade Dec 13 2016 Release Notes

The Ocean release scheduled for Dec 13 at 9:30 PM EST includes:


  • Central intake can now see forwarded referrals after forwarding. Now when a referral is forwarded, it will appear in the "forwarded" folder and remain visible through it's lifecycle. (This was a fairly significant change since it now means that three parties can see the same referral, e.g. the referrer, central intake and the end-recipient.)
  • Better mobile support for OceanHealthMap.ca.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented referrals in "awaiting reply" from being moved to "needs review" after being updated by the referrer.
  • Fixed a regression bug in the new UI that caused cancelled referrals to lose their redline strikethrough style.
  • Referral exports now include the messaging "external conversation".

Patient Engagement:

  • Support for cancelling batch emails mid-send (e.g. if you notice a mistake in the template)
  • Minor fixes to UI for managing completion screen messages for kiosk mode in tablet settings (now it won't show the field if you are not in kiosk mode and vice-versa)
  • Standard note reports now leave space for patient ID stickers in top right
  • Some "plumbing work" to improve the management of archived notes to fix some edge case bugs that can pop up when a download fails or something else unexpected happens with a patient record used for more than one encounter while in Ocean.
  • Fix that would sometimes cause online form completion (i.e. on the clinic workstation) to miss a french locale in the address line.
  • Fix to allow completions of Ocean Online forms in Safari running in private mode.
  • Added logic to acknowledge OSCAR note downloads on the server to behave as other EMR integrations do & making it easier to troubleshoot.


  • Minor UI changes throughout
  • Fixed a bug that prevented date-type demographic fields in OSCAR from being updated on a patient (e.g. DoB)
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