Ocean Server Upgrade Dec 6 2016 Release Notes

The Ocean release scheduled for Dec 6 2016 at 9:30pm includes the following fixes and improvements:


  • New feature (beta): Canned responses for booking comments for eReferrals! Now you can build your own easily-selected booking comments for patients and family doctors. Set them up under Admin->eRequest Management.
  • Downloading a referral to PDF will now automatically include any image attachments.
  • Fix to data security filter bug that prevented updates to referrals in some cases by source site.
  • Wait times on health service offerings are easy to understand now, with tooltips and better labels for wait 1 and wait 2.
  • Anonymous EMR users can now add/remove favourites to the Ocean Health Service Directory (you no longer need a full Ocean user account).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the display of the download/import dialog when accepting a referral when site was in "referrals-only" mode.
  • Fix to bug that caused email errors sending to "anonymous" on referrals sent by "anonymous EMR users" (e.g. through the standard Ocean custom form without a linked Ocean user account).

Patient Engagement:

  • Significant improvements to secure messaging functionality: patients can now keep a message for later, and attachments will work better in iOS (iPhones & iPads).
  • You can now drag-and-drop files into the secure message invitation dialog to attach them for a patient.
  • Improved eRequest session timeout behaviour to renew session when necessary
  • Fix to allow anonymous tablet mode to initialize first and last name for a patient in the patients tab table via EMRField mapped fields in eForms (it won't actually update the name if already set with EMRFields due to performance issues with decrypting all notes to look for updates). Note that this is only relevant to the patients tab tabular display; updates work within EMR integrations as before.
  • Minor fix to appointment reminders test harness to send test reminders for patients without an email address in EMR.
  • Minor fix to prevent accumulation of Accuro "force-sync" requests.
  • Fixed a bug in the eForm import logic that messed up the source site reference (so sync wouldn't work).
  • Completion screen messages on tablet kiosk mode are now configurable, so you can tell the patient to go to reception or sit down (whatever is more appropriate for your workflow). You can set them in the tablet settings dialog in the web portal, and you'll need to upgrade your tablets to take advantage of this feature.
  • Fix to timezone issue that caused reminders to be sent at the wrong time for non-EST clinics.
  • Fix to bug that prevented downloading notes in OSCAR with a pending secure message.


  • Various minor UI improvements throughout
  • Fix to coupon transfer code to ensure subsite references are set on new split coupon
  • Incorporated some minor revisions to the EULA based on input from the WWLHIN SCA project, clarifying retention policies for referrals and how referral recipients may use patient data (they can use it for as long as they need to provide care, but not for marketing purposes).
  • Coupon credit in Admin->Billing is now broken out by subsite reference, so you can see at a glance how much credit is remaining for different subsites.
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