Ocean Server Upgrade Nov 1 2016 Release Notes

The Ocean release scheduled for Nov 1st 2016 at 9:00 PM contains the following fixes and improvements:

Patient Engagement:

  • Added the ability to search shared forms by site name.
  • Ocean Tablets will deregister themselves automatically after 5 failed attempts (either Ocean reference or PHN) instead of 10 previously to improve privacy guards.
  • Fix to PS File Uploader to handle empty sex column.
  • Fix to bug in eForm search widgets (e.g. in survey invitation in tablet settings & EForm Action dialog in editor)
  • Fixed a bug that would insert new patients in the patients tab at the top, irrespective of search filters and sort order. Now patients will be dynamically updated (without refresh, as before) and deleted, but new patients will cause a "refresh" button to appear.
  • Ocean Study exports will no longer export non-questionnaire sections (like "assessment"), which previously could cause unexpected blank columns at end of spreadsheet.
  • Fix to site admin checkbox in user tab to improve usability.
  • Fix to Accuro provider filter in patients tab to keep it from resetting when switching days in day sheet mode.
  • Ocean Online will now treat the keywords @clinicDoc and @familyDoc as equivalent to @clinicDoc.name and @familyDoc.name (instead of an error).
  • Significant refactor/simplification of authentication framework to prepare for ONE ID support.
  • Ocean Studies will now show a couple configuration options in the summary table (i.e. tier, participant key option) so you don't have to open the detailed view each time.
  • Added keyword support for Accuro appointment time, date and provider for automated form reminders.
  • Fixed bug in Ocean Reminders that would errantly include web link even if no forms or secure messages attached.


  • EReferral notification emails to patients will now include links to handouts if such a handout is set on the health service definition for a referral target.
  • Referral targets declining a referral will be prompted to pick a reason from a drop-down and reason for decline will be exported with referral analytics.
  • More mobile-friendliness improvements for the health service directory.
  • Appt confirmed flag will now be reset when you change the appointment date.
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