Ocean Server Upgrade Oct 18 2016 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for Oct 18 2016 includes the following new features and fixes:

  • Improved the whitespace border around the Send eReferral portal
  • Improved the display of clinical notes and comments when printing referrals
  • When searching for eForms, the language filter has been changed to show the full language name ("English") instead of the two-character code ("EN")
  • Added a link at the bottom of invoice emails to link to a print-friendly version of the invoice
  • Added a check to ensure billing doesn't occur if the user is OceanPlus or the site is an OceanPlus site
  • Now allows the recording of Booking 2 and Wait 2 for eReferrals when the site's associated health service offering has a Wait 2 specified.
  • eReferral email notifications now include the second appointment time when specified.
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