Ocean Server Upgrade Oct 4 2016 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for Oct 4th at 9:00PM EST includes the following fixes/improvements:


  • We removed the scheduling panel in the standard referral form as it was not used meaningfully and created a lot of confusion for referring docs.
  • You can now sort referrals by date (ascending or descending) or by priority (which was the only option previously)
  • Added logic to automatically check the "confirmed" checkbox for referral appointments if the booked comment is set to "Patient has been contacted by [site name] with appointment."
  • Fixed a bug in which the process of booking an appointment for a patient on a new referral and saving it (without "accepting") would cause the referral to disappear from normal workflow folders. Also removed the "decline" option from cancelled referrals.
  • Minor fixes to the referral target claim process.
  • You can now export referrals *without* marking them as exported; this is useful if you want to preserve the warnings about referrals pending deletion (and so that you can use the "keep longer" option in the eRequest tab)

Patient Engagement:

  • We added a configuration option so that Accuro clients can choose to upload up to 14 days worth of appointments instead of 7 to facilitate some more distant form reminder scenarios.
  • Secure messages to patients now feature a "print" button.


  • Fixed a few more of the new UI regression bugs: showing supported languages for forms in the eForm browser, fixing the setting of an email address on referrals and many other minor bug fixes.
  • Fixed bug that prevented semi-colon/comma delimited notification emails being used for finance administrator emails.
  • "Tablet upgrade required" notifications will now include the site name and number for administrators managing multiple sites.
  • Fixed audit report date pickers to allow user to choose dates up to 60 days back.
  • Fix to allow Android users to enter the encryption key in the Ocean web portal using Android web browsers (note that this is not related to the Ocean patient-facing tablet app)
  • A few small performance improvements for web portal, including a substantial performance improvement to bulk loading of patient cohorts from files.
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