Ocean Server Upgrade Sept 20 2016 Release Notes

The release scheduled for Sept 20, 2016 at 9:00pm EST will include the following changes/improvements:

  • Ocean Reminders now allows you to configure different reminders for different appointment types! You can configure reminders using a "rules engine" similar to the way you can configure tablets, based on clinic doc, appointment reason and even attributes like sex and age (you will need to be running Accuro and update OceanConnect and Ocean Tablet to v132 to take advantage of this new functionality).
  • Ocean Reminders now allows you to schedule automatic post-appointment forms -- useful for automating clinical research or patient experience surveys.
  • Added new referral folder "awaiting reply" to allow clinics processing eReferrals to conveniently store referrals that are pending some information from the referrer.
  • A new automated email will be sent to the clinical administrator weekly if a sites tablets are below the preferred version, and nightly if the tablets are below the minimum version (this is particularly important for our Accuro clients, since a tablet below the minimum version will not be able to connect to Ocean and thus Accuro updates will fail).
  • Web questionnaire and secure message receipt confirmations will now be sent to a physician's clinical delegate, if set in user preferences.
  • Fixed bug that preventing previewing forms in the "view shared forms" dialog.
  • We added a button in the admin settings to delete all patients in a site.
  • Minor change to invoice generation to display tablet line items in a more sensible way.
  • Fixed a bug that broke secure message attachment uploads on Firefox.
  • Referral booking date searches will now include the end date inclusively.
  • Multipage forms will now have focus reset for patients; previously, the next button would retain focus and it was too easy to skip a page by accident.
  • Added a workaround for older IE browsers to print referrals without losing the current view filter due to pop-up window handling (hold alt-key down).
  • The minimum tablet version to connect will be v125. This is a fairly large "jump" in minimum version and is being done to ensure readiness for Android 6 across all Ocean tablets.
  • Various look-and-feel improvements throughout, to round out the UI redesign earlier this month, including the secure messaging module.
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