Ocean Server Upgrade Sept 6 2016 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for Sept 6th at 2016 contains the following features/changes:

  • A new UI for the Ocean web portal! This release unveils the psuedo-secret UI rewrite we've been working on for a couple months now. Not only does the new UI look great, it's also adaptive, which means that it will work better on devices of all shapes and sizes. The big "user experience" change is that many buttons have been moved to the new left sidebar, which makes it a bit easier to find things. Let us know what you think!
  • OSCAR integration improvements! Our OSCAR integration now pulls pt height and weight, medical histories (to 'pmhx' in Ocean), diagnoses (to 'prob') and allergies (to 'allg') so that tablet rules may depend on them, eForms can verify them with patients and eReferrals can include such information in referrals. Note that you must re-import the OSCAR eForm to use these new fields.
  • You can now mark notes as downloaded in the patients tab. This is to make it a bit easier to manually extract notes as compared to removing the patient -- this will change the status icon to grey and set the timer to auto-delete promptly.
  • We've made Advanced eReferral Management free to celebrate our exciting new SCA project with WWLHIN. Most sites will still keep it disabled since the UI is much simpler without the advanced features.
  • The "payer" field has been moved to Admin->Billing, where you'd expect to find it.
  • Fixes to session management with multiple tabs open; there was a case in which a user may not get logged out properly when connecting as a different role in a different tab.
  • Fix to bug that would throw an error when saving the admin tab for new sites in some cases.
  • Fixed a "race-condition" (i.e. happened somewhat randomly) bug that could cause a localized form to appear in English despite a browser preference for another language.
  • Fixed a bug that threw an error when saving a referral requiring review by no specific user.
  • The appointment date/time selector in the referral detail panel has been reworked to be easier to use.
  • Upgraded the API version with our payment processor to a more current version. There should be no impact on end-users.
  • Fixed issue that prevented referring docs from attaching documents to a referral that's already been sent.
  • Tablets must now be version 113 or higher to connect (your tablets will auto-update if lower than v113).
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