Ocean Server Upgrade August 16 2016 Release Notes

The release scheduled for August 16th at 9:30 includes the following fixes and improvements:

  • Most Ocean emails have been updated to use newer and much prettier email templates
  • Added support for setting appointment statuses in Accuro. Patients will now be marked as "arrived" when they use the tablet (note that you must have the latest version of OceanConnect installed)
  • A new "sync now" button for Accuro appointments in the patients tab
  • Added "safety check" to skip appointment reminders for past appointments (this can happen if OceanConnect goes offline for a long period of time)
  • Fix to new Accuro batch file upload to set cohort ID correctly on uploaded patients
  • Added support for tablet rules and form scripting and keywords based on the block fee expiry field (available from PSS only at this point)
  • Minor stylistic changes throughout and fixes to standardize some UI components (specifically in referral target management)
  • Improved load times of portal page
  • Fixed escape logic for HTML characters in secure messages
  • Fix to bug that prevented eRequest forms from using email eFormActions
  • Added support for editing, canceling and resending referrals through the PSS quick referral form
  • Fixed bug that sometimes prompted to update the (non-existant) referrer when recipients updated a patient eRequest
  • Improved wording for patient notifications of referral cancellations
  • Some early "behind the scenes" work to add "referral favourites", which will be especially useful for Accuro and OSCAR users to quickly send referrals for patients
  • Adjusted referral "review" dialog to not hide MRN when open
  • Fix to allow editing of referral appointment times in the past (these were read-only before)
  • Tablets must be version 112 or higher to connect; older versions will be forced to upgrade
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