Ocean Server Upgrade August 2 2016 Release Notes

The Ocean release scheduled for August 2nd at 9:30 includes the following improvements.

Secure Messaging:

  • New feature: patients can quickly respond to secure messages if the sending clinician checks a box to allow quick responses (in addition to the existing functionality to present questionnaires)
  • Fixed a few issues with secure messaging with attachments: allowing anonymous EMR users to send attachments, fixing a redirect to the login page after patient downloads
  • Fix to overdue Ocean Online message notifications to clear due date when the forms/messages are complete
  • Patients are now warned before leaving the secure message display if they try to close the browser & there are more forms to complete
  • Changed notification option checkboxes in secure message send dialog to be disabled instead of hidden for anonymous EMR users


  • New feature: Accuro clients can now upload batch files of patients (cohorts) via the new Accuro file uploader and have responses (& message receipts) go directly into the chart. This will be mostly useful for preventative care (e.g. pap, mammo, tetanus, etc.)
  • Added a "test mode" for Ocean Form Reminders that sends all reminders to a test email address (for real appointments)
  • Added a new utility script method to parse dates in the immunization record for a patient (required for tetanus shot reminder rules, for instance)
  • Fixed Admin->Users screen to handle users with dots in their username (regression bug from previous release)
  • Fix to trigger download of restored notes
  • Fix to bug that prevented site admin permissions from being added to a user
  • Tablet minimum version is now v111; older tablet versions will be prompted to upgrade automatically
  • Clinics can now optionally send automatic "accepted" notifications to patients when their eRequest is accepted by staff


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