Ocean Server Upgrade July 5 2016 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for July 5th at 9:00 contains the following improvements and changes:

  • New 'beta' feature: as many people have requested, now you can set alerts for web questionnaires and secure messages to notify you if a patient doesn't respond or view it within a certain number of days. You can even save your preference as part of your template. You'll get a nightly summary of overdue messages in your email inbox. Tell us what you think!
  • Fix to preserve line breaks when adding sent secure messages to the patient chart
  • Internal changes/improvements to the Ocean Online DoB and HN patient verification process
  • Fix to make it a little more obvious in some sign-up flows (e.g. claiming a referral target) that email verification is pending
  • Refactored the acknowledgement process for EMR actions with OceanConnect to wait until endpoint EMR confirms update before acknowledging message on server. This will make it less likely to lose messages brokered between Accuro and Ocean (it hasn't happened yet to our knowledge, but this should close a potential loophole in future).
  • Fix to escape special HTML characters like '<' in generated clinical notes; previously, you would sometimes lose all rich text formatting in Ocean PSS note when such characters were generated (like 'score < 5; consider imaging')
  • Fix to charset issue that could cause accented characters to appear as garbled characters in emails based on "Send Message" actions in eForms
  • Removed repetitive warning when saving rules about form memory being dependent upon specific patient demographic fields
  • Fix to referral receipts to avoid cut off at top of page 2
  • Aesthetic and minor wording changes in a few places

A couple of restrictions to tell you about:

  • We are removing the ability to fax requisitions from OceanHealthLinks.ca
  • The minimum Ocean Tablet version is now 109
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