Ocean Server Upgrade May 31 2016 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for May 31, 2016 at 9:30PM contains the following changes:

  • The eForm Editor got a makeover to make confusing functions simpler: the form properties dialog has been reorganized, JavaScript now has some handy "autocomplete" logic and it's now easier to create diagrams and empty lines. We also merged the "section" tab items into the other tabs to simplify note formatting (particularly how notes are separated).
  • Users sending web questionnaires will now be warned if they update a template with a different list of forms from the original template (it was easy to mess up templates with different forms if you weren't careful previously)
  • Fixed tablet settings favourite layout tile "remove" button
  • Added check to ensure that date fields (like birth date) can only be used for date pickers in an eForm to avoid date formatting messiness.
  • EULA updated with clause for QHR Accuro support escalation process.
  • Added a warning in tablet rules editor if you are referring to a form memory variable for a form without it enabled.
  • The system will no longer allow eReferrals without a health service (to simplify things for wait time analytics)
  • Added a safety check to ensure that old TELUS PSS custom forms won't download an eRequest note (could happen if patient object was removed from server and Ocean reference was reused for an imported eRequest).
  • Fix to French translation of "proceed" button in secure messaging module.
  • Fix to bug that would sometimes prevent importing a linked set of eForms into an Ocean site.
  • More stylistic improvements throughout app.
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