Ocean Server Upgrade April 27 2016 Release Notes

The Ocean release for April 27 at 9:00pm ET contains the following:

  • The EForm Editor will now track the history of changes to an eForm, and allow you to revert to any version in the past. (We have a complete history from the beginning of time in the audit logs, but this is not end-user accessible.)
  • We improved the presentation of overridden forms in the eForm Browser. Now the "blue" forms are shown once, and the overridden "black" form is hidden. A nice icon helps cue the user that the form is a customized global form.
  • It's now more intuitive to enable form memory for a form via the form properties dialog (a new drop-down menu instead of a simple trigger expression)
  • You can now see users that have pending invitations to join a site (previously, these would disappear when you went back to the admin tab, even though the invitations were still valid).
  • Clinics can now accept eRequests from patients without accepting eReferrals from other clinicians (previously those were tied together).
  • We added a feature to easily export a referral for copy-paste into non-integrated EMRs.
  • Anonymous kiosk mode will now properly set the first and last name in the patients tab if the patient completes fields with associated EMR field mappings
  • You can now set up tablet rules that fire before and/or after the forms manually chosen for a patient.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when completing a hybrid form in online mode.
  • New users now require valid emails upon signup.
  • EFormActions fired in web questionnaires will now appear next in the queue as opposed to the end of the form queue (brings consistency with a similar change made to the Ocean Tablet a few months ago).
  • Fixed a bug that caused status icons to disappear sometimes in the patients tab.
  • Accuro Ocean encounter notes are now separated for each form completed online.
  • Added new health services for diabetes education and spinal surgery.
  • Minor look-and-feel styling improvements throughout.
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