Ocean Server Upgrade Mar 29 2016 Release Notes

The Ocean server release scheduled for 9PM tonight includes the following changes:

New Features

  • EForm Editor will now (finally!) provide auto-complete suggestions for adding eForms when adding eFormActions, so you no longer need to figure out the eForm references.
  • Tablet language support is now at the tablet group level, so you can have different tablet groups with different languages. Particularly useful for clinics running refugee clinics.
  • More minor look-and-feel improvements, including some UI architecture changes to make the web portal more mobile friendly.
  • Support for additional smoking risk factor fields cigar and pipe (currently implemented in PS Suite only).

Bug Fixes

  • Fix to eForm Editor bug that would hide formula fields with null captions and no explicit showIf expression from the editor display (you could see this with the falls prevention screen fall risk score).
  • Fixed bug that prevented users from creating new sites if they were not a site administrator for their previous site.
  • Fix to Accuro Day Sheet view to refresh provider drop-down based on displayed appointments.


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