Ocean Server Upgrade Mar 17 2016 Release Notes

The St. Patrick's Day release of Ocean, scheduled for March 17 at 9:00PM ET, includes the following features:

General & Patient Engagement

  • Added support to online questionnaires (i.e. launched from the EMR) to choose between the patient's language and the default (generally English)
  • Continued improvements to the application look-and-feel, including a newly designed signup page.
  • Minor improvements to UI to improve loading speeds.
  • "Generate Invoice" function has been moved to the site "Admin" page, as we continue to make the billing a bit more intuitive. Now if you want to see the account balance for your site, you can simply click this button.
  • OceanPlus status is now a checkbox on the users tab in the site "Admin" page, making it easier (actually possible) for a site administrator to see and control OceanPlus subscription status for users. You can only toggle OceanPlus subscription status for a user from the user's default site. 
  • Added support for searching for doctors with or without middle name in the search string.
  • Fixed a bug that would display study forms with the same ref as an enrolled study for a site in the eForm browser (even though those study forms were unrelated and not used within that site)
  • Server-side support for additional smoking risk factor fields in PSS such as cigar and pipe smoking.


  • Ocean Health Service directory is now mobile friendly! Clinicians can now search for health services using a smartphone.
  • Server-side support for preventing duplicate Ocean Study submissions from tablets (note that you need Ocean Tablet v118 or higher as well).
  • "OK" button on eReferral review panel in inbox is hidden if "reviewed" is an option.
  • Added sex to the eReferral display panel.
  • Fix to bug that would freeze the browser if the shared encryption key was required during send.
  • Add support for Alberta terminology (PCN, professional ID) for referring physicians.

EMR Integration Work

  • Fix to Accuro Day Sheet to eliminate duplicate providers in drop-down menu.
  • Fix to searching for Accuro patients by HN/PHN from Patients tab.
  • Added code to display OceanConnect installation status on the Tablets tab so you can see which of your tablets have it installed.
  • Online support for new PS Suite "preferred contact" field.
  • Early (incomplete) support for marking patients "arrived" in PS Suite.
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