Ocean Server Upgrade Mar 1 2016 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for 9:00PM ET on Tuesday March 1st includes:

Patient Engagement (Tablets, Ocean Online, eRequests)

  • The introduction of the daysheet view (currently supported for Accuro clients). This provides an "at-a-glance" view of a provider's schedule for the day in order to simplify the process of adding forms and view status. It can be found in the patients tab in the Ocean web portal.
  • The Tablets tab will now show more information about registered tablets, including when they were last used, the Ocean version number and the Android version. Note that this data is only submitted by Tablets running v118 or higher (scheduled for March 2, 2016), so you may need to upgrade your tablets to see the new information.
  • Added proper support for Arabic and Armenian to the site settings configuration as part of the Cognisant Cause program for Syrian Refugees. You can enable these languages if you are running Ocean Tablet version 118 or higher.
  • The patients tab now shows colourful icons instead of text for patient status.
  • Changed the wording of the embedded link for an Ocean Online Secure Message (previously it would show "Complete Questionnaire" even if there was no questionnaire but only a message for the patient).
  • A fix to order of column headers in the form completion audit report
  • A fix to an occasional web portal redirect problem that can result in a blank page appearing.
  • A fix to a problem that would sometimes use a previous session locale/language when previewing or completing an eForm online.
  • We've added logic to prevent the redundant import of Study eForms, and, conversely, prevent acceptance of a Study invitation if the same form has already been imported. Study forms are automatically available to participating sites.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Ocean Tablets from rendering the appropriate "translated image" (e.g. for images that had text in them, e.g. Nipissing instruction pages) in an eForm in a different locale.
  • New validators in eForms have a more sensible default for "allow empty".


  • Secure messaging log between GP and specialist will now appear in printed receipt of referral for referral recipients. We've also improved the layout of the printed referral receipts.
  • Appointments can now be booked in either 24h or 12h time, and the system will show the "other" time format to reduce likelihood of error. Also fixed a timezone bug that made it hard to clear booking times if you were not in ET.
  • A few new "canned" booking comments are available.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause map markers to be left in place after the search changed.
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