Ocean Server Upgrade Feb 17 2016 Release Notes

The Ocean release scheduled for Feb 17 at 9:00 includes the following fixes and enhancements:

EForm Editor

  • Improvements to validation configuration user interface to make it more intuitive to add validation to an item. We've also (finally) exposed the ability to set a custom validation error message, which has been long supported in the XML eForm definition but not available in the editor.
  • Study export preview table now omits columns that are never actually exported as part of CSV exports, e.g. columns for labels, pictures, etc.

Ocean Online

  • Made it easier to work with Ocean Online templates. You will now be prompted to save changes to secure message and web questionnaire templates after making a change.
  • Now skips the validation screen for the patient if there are no validation fields selected in the invitation.

OSCAR Integration:

  • Added integration code support for measurement mapping from Ocean eForm notation (@myVital) to an OSCAR measurement defined in a flowsheet.

Ocean eReferrals

  • The "region" field has been removed in favour of a single address box.
  • Tweaks to zoom logic in the map.
  • Minor fixes to new advanced search feature in OceanHealthLinks.ca (wait times, etc.) 
  • Clicking through to a referral from a notification email to a GP will present the main login page instead of the pop-up login dialog.
  • Fixed bug that caused referral event logs were display cancellations and received events twice.
  • Fixed referral initialization bug for successive referrals.
  • Fix to timezone bug that could result in birth dates in referrals being off by one day.


  • Site page loading performance improvements.
  • Email notifications will be sent for sites with >60% possible patients given number of reference digits. This will allow sites to bump the number of digits before Ocean starts to run out. We will also prevent file uploads that would put a site past 60% of capacity. (Adding more digits can be done in the admin tab any time.)
  • Minor fix to edge case of symmetric encryption key handling in browser when browser's key does not match site footprint key
  • More aesthetic improvements
  • Fix to study site invitation form preview link
  • Some performance improvements to account billing calculations (sites with many coupons were waiting 5-10 seconds in some cases to see credit balances in the admin page). It will be much faster now.
  • Fix to clean up minor bugs with site switching for users with access to multiple sites
  • Notification email field in the admin tab now support multiple email addresses
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