Ocean Server Upgrade Feb 2 2016 Release Notes

The Ocean server release scheduled for 9:30 on Feb 2 contains the following:


  • The Ocean Platform now supports cross-EMR measurement updates via a new mapping framework. You can, for example, map a standard phq9 score in the Ocean form to your own "PHQ-9" measurement. Our current reference implementation is for OSCAR (PS Suite already benefits from this feature) and we'll be working to provide similar support for other EMRs in the near future.
  • Secure messaging is no longer in beta. We've added support for viewing date/time of patient's view of message in the EMR chart and fixed a bug that could cause older messages to be re-displayed in certain cases.
  • More look-and-feel changes to reflect our new UI theme.
  • Fix to a bug that occasionally triggered sign-in dialog for anonymous clinicians during quick referrals.
  • Fix to bug that affected new sites relating to the primary encryption key not being set on initial load.
  • Users can now create new sites from the "view my account" page. This should make life easier for our partners (like QIDSS people, ecosystem partners, etc.) since they can create sites for other people without having to sign up a separate user account.

Directory, eRequests and eReferrals

  • Support for search/display of wait times for specialists and other service providers (previously, the wait times were only visible in the health service detail for a provider)
  • Focused-practice designation is not restricted to health services that make sense
  • Fix to ConsultConduit interface for new sites
  • Adding "close" button next to the "Decline" button in the pending contact state to avoid users accidentally declining eRequests

EForm Editor

  • The prepopulate value will now autocomplete keywords (like caption)
  • You can now set min/max acuity on approximate durations (this was always available, but hidden from end-users)


  • Coupons are now visible on the site admin page. This will make it simpler for users with access to multiple sites to see available credit in each site.
  • Fixes to the new coupon transfer feature
  • Added a default expiry of one year for purchased coupon credits (this will be active going forward)
  • Bill item report now includes the subsite reference for items if there is one
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