Ocean Server Upgrade Jan 26 2016 Release Notes

The Ocean server release scheduled for Jan 26 at 9:30PM includes the following changes.


  • First whack of aesthetic changes to update to our new colours and fonts.
  • We've exposed controls for some "hints" for rendering sections that have been supported in the XML eForm format for a while. Now you make sections grey, white and add a border. Great for referral forms and online questionnaires (also works on the tablet).
  • Added support for Armenian for our Syrian Refugee Cognisant Cause program.
  • Improved the UI for building tablet rules. Creating new rules is more intuitive.

OSCAR Integration

  • Added early support for the new OSCAR measurement mapping framework. Next week, we expect to add support for arbitrary collection of OSCAR measurement data points in Ocean forms, e.g. PHQ9 scores, etc.

PS Suite Integration

  • More backend support for a next-generation top-secret PS Suite integration project.

Billing Features

  • Sites can now view credit coupons applied to their sites via "view my account". For example, if you send us a cheque, you will see a corresponding credit now and you can see the balances. We've also (for the first time) exposed the credit assigned to individual subsites, which should clarify matters for complex billing setups for some clients.
  • Sites can now transfer coupons. This is in "beta", but the idea is that clients can purchase a large block of credit as a central authority (a research group, public health group, LHIN, PCN, FHT with multiple sites, etc.) and transfer some credit to individual Ocean sites at a later point. Previously, CognisantMD would administer these arrangements on behalf of large clients but this will empower clients to manage this themselves.

Minor Fixes

  • Fixes to handling of primary shared encryption keys for multi-site users.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause failure of prepopulation for initially hidden items in forms (e.g. metformin question in diagnostic imaging referral form).
  • Some improvements to file upload error reporting.
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