Ocean Server Upgrade Jan 5 2016 Release Notes

The Ocean release scheduled for 9:00 on January 5th 2016 contains the following:

Ocean Online features:

- PS Suite users can now use a "next appointment time" keyword to insert the patient's next appointment time in an email, subject line, eForm or a secure message. Note that you'll need the not-yet-release Ocean custom form 3.1 to enable this feature.

- Early server support for batch loading notes from an Ocean Online cohort, e.g. for cancer screening or bulk loading notes into charts. This will be broadly available in an upcoming release.

Improvements to EForm Editing and Management:

- Added logic in EForm Editor to automatically remove invalid non-non-empty mandatory validators (ask us if you really want to understand this one!)

- Added ability to add/update hyperlink items in the EForm Editor (see SMH Health Equity Assessment for an example)

- Performance improvements around loading eForm lists.

- Improvements to the formatting of notes using the new prefix, postfix and delimiter values from the eForms tab. Also added a quick "preview" example note that illustrates the effect of your new configuration.

- Internationalization of a global eForm will no longer (confusingly) complain that the eForm must be saved to the user's site first. This is now automatic.

- You can now export a tab-delimited file of translation strings from the "string translations" dialog in the editor to ease the translation process: you can now simply email the file to a translator.

eRequest/eReferral fixes:

- Added an event log for referrals to show various lifecycle changes for that referral, including the user, timestamp and type of event. This is in addition to the existing auditing and intended to provide a user-friendly snapshot of the state changes for that referral. The log can been viewed from the action menu in the referral and it is also shown on the printed referral.

- For advanced referral management users, the "review" workflow is improved to account for users viewing referrals without actually "reviewing" in a clinical sense. Now the "reviewed" button is gone and the "edit..." button has been replaced by a "review..." button for clarity.

- A number of referral cancellation improvements: email notifications are now sent with a referral is cancelled by the recipient, the referrals now show up in a cancelled tab in the GP's outbox, cancelling a referral now prompts for a reason and cancellations by the sender now properly reset the reviewed flag.

- Added a warning to referral sender (GP) to verify that the patient has granted email consent prior to sending a referral with patient's email address.

- Adding separate tabs for booked and confirmed eRequests for basic eRequest clients, as it existed previously only for advanced referral management clients. This functionality is now available to all clients and will make appointment requests easier to manage.

- Add support for tracking offline notifications of referral status changes in cases that the referring GP has not provided an email address for notification. The user will be prompted for offline notification preference, which is logged as part of the new event log. The system will also offer to generate a report that can be faxed to the CP.

- New health service definition for memory clinics.

- Referral printouts time display is fixed.

General/minor bug fixes:

- Fix to bug that caused forms to be added twice to a favourite.

- Fix to bug that could cause session timeouts for new user signups and improve the handling of expired EMR single-sign-in tokens.

- Aesthetic fix to eRequest dialog to render more smoothly.

- Added some warnings when you change the data security mode for an eForm in the editor to help prevent study misconfigurations.

- Improvement to tablet authentication and registration logic to improve performance and handle some edge cases with tablets that change mac addresses (Azpen tablets), particularly around potential for duplicate billing (since such tablets appear as different hardware from time to time).

- Previewing and loading forms for a study anonymously (i.e. on a public survey link, where the patient is not identified as part of a particular Ocean site/clinic) will now always show the correct form even if the same form reference exists in multiple sites.

- The "help" button will be hidden in some cases to avoid blocking important buttons in the web portal

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