Ocean Server Upgrade Jan 19 2016 Release Notes

The Ocean release scheduled for Jan 19 at 9:00 EST includes the following features and fixes developed over the past two weeks:


- New referrals will show up in the inbox automatically (without refresh)

- eReferral emailed notifications to GP will automatically contain the EMR ID again (e.g. patient ID) to make it easier to identify the patient

- Comments added to "new" referrals will trigger same GP notification as done for referrals in "pending contact".

- Weekday added to printed referral receipt

- GPs can now edit and resend cancelled referrals

- Clinics can now pick the timezone to use for patient appointment booked notifications

- Added support for "quick referral form" in PS Suite to add referrals visible in an Ocean site's referral outbox.


- Minor fix to slider editing to avoid blank labels when label text is cleared (value will appear instead)

- The warning for switching an eForm from a study form will no longer appear on first update to form properties

- Fix to a bug that could cause an item caption to update to match a section caption into which it was dragged

OSCAR Integration

- Removed use of dummy email address in favour of new (March 2015) support in OSCAR for retrieving email via OSCAR keyword


- Now you can export up to 30 days of 'form completion' audit data to analyze raw Ocean usage data beyond what you can do with the usage report. This is available as a new tab under the Admin tab. Note that only most recent 60 days of data is kept online and therefore the audit report is restricted to this date range.

- Adding ability to inspect specific CPP item data in Online forms and web questionnaires (e.g. immunization history)

- Adding ability to display next appointment date/time in WebQs and secure messages

- Fixes an issue in which a patient could have an eFormAction triggered and add a form in an online questionnaire and, after refreshing or otherwise resetting the session, not see the form in queue anymore. It is now posted to the server as well in case of such a disruption.

- Tweak to wording of completion of a web questionnaire: now it will tell the patient very clearly that the answers were submitted successfully.

- Enhancements to beta secure messaging support: now multiple secure messages can be sent to a patient; the messages will be shown in the EMR along with status (e.g. viewed); the patient will be prompted to print the message as it will not be available after session ends.

- Fixes to the handling of encryption keys for users with access to multiple sites with different encryption keys. This will address a confusing situation in which the encryption tab complains that there is no primary encryption key set, but the data is decrypted in the browser (it occurs when the encryption key exists but isn't the primary).

- Fix to bug that prevented deletion of studies

- Fix to patient tab polling logic that would cause flood of requests after network outages

- Fix to colour-picking for favourites layout in tablet settings

- A few more fixes to ensure that eForms are always rendered from the current site when the same form is found in other sites

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