Ocean Server Upgrade Dec 8 2015 Release Notes

The Ocean release scheduled for Dec 8 at 9:30 includes:

  • Refactor of eForm tab to support editing of automatic prefixes, postfixes and delimits for Ocean notes, as well as make the screen more intuitive for new users. For example, when you create or edit a favourite, it will now update on the server immediately -- you no longer have to click save explicitly.
  • OSCAR integration: fixes issue reporting status for secure messages to patient in the encounter screen. "Invite patient" has also been renamed to "email patient" to imply that you can secure message as well as invite the patient to complete a questionnaire.
  • Fix to bug that caused the eForm Editor to lose the coloured selection highlighting of items after a dialog box was opened.
  • Added validation to prevent EForm XML files from being uploaded without QUESTIONNAIRE section.
  • Some changes to support the new OceanConnect tablet app.
  • Tablet minimum version is now 106.
  • More support for Syrian Refugee project; you can now hyperlink to an Arabic online questionnaire by adding "&locale=AR" for example.
  • Adding ability to lock patients from deletion in the portal's patient tab when patient is encrypted (previously, you could only lock the patient if the data was decrypted)
  • Fixes to referral cancellation logic and it will also now notify in cases of cancellation.
  • Hid eReferral categories that aren't used for sites that send but do not accept eReferrals (leaving only "sent" and "faxed failed").
  • Improved wording in patient eReferral/eRequest notification email subjects
  • Fix to internationalization logic to preserve English clinical notes when the caption is used as the default (or more accurately, the default language)
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