Ocean Server Upgrade Nov 24 2015 Release Notes

The Ocean release scheduled for 9:30 tonight (Nov 24th) includes the following general features and fixes:

- Keyword support for secure patient messages. Now all the same keywords that are available (and documented on this support site) are available to include in any secure message. For example, you can start your secure message as "Dear @ptPreferredName".

- Tablets that are deactivated automatically due to security reasons (e.g. the tablet tamper-proofing) will maintain their tablet settings group when re-registered. This will make life easier if you are managing lots of tablets across multiple tablet settings groups.

- More robust support for "reusing" patient objects (both in OSCAR and PS Suite) via the archiving of downloaded notes. This work will make the status display more sensible in cases where the patient uses Ocean more than once in a short period of time.

- Renamed button label "Upload New eForm" to "Upload eForm XML" for clarity.

- New button to deauthorize a web browser by clearing the shared encryption keys.

- OSCAR integration: removed unnecessary code relating to a flowsheet used for measurement updates.

In addition, there were a number of minor fixes/improvements in the eRequest/eReferral module:

- Referral recipients can now add private comments to a referral.

- Added new screen to summarize "sent" referrals for GP's records upon completion of referral (for EMRs without Ocean integration).

- Fix to ensure "sent" eReferrals will appear in the appropriate folder.

- Fixed referral cancellation bug.

- Referral comments now include the date and time in the display.

- Better error handling for Consult Conduit interface in Ocean Health Service Directory.

- Eliminating need to sign-in to print referral from quick referral form.

- Better support for multiple referrals for a single patient (service description is provided in EMR message).

- Support for midnight appointments (previously, you could not book an appointment at midnight due to the date/time control).



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