Ocean Server Upgrade Nov 17 2015 Release Notes

This release, planned for 9:30 EST tonight, will include the following:

- Fix to PS Suite batch file importer to fix an issue related to Internet Explorer

- Minor improvements and fixes to the new secure messaging module. Now the "notify me when patient views" checkbox only appears if the current user is a Ocean user. Multiple messages to the same patient are now handled properly. Also fixed an issue that meant that bulk sent secure messages weren't properly flagged as viewed.

- Fixed a bug that caused the patient removal warning report email to be overly inclusive, including patients not scheduled for deletion for much longer than a week.

- Added an in-memory cache to improve authentication time for EMRs checking patient statuses. This should remove a processing bottleneck that caused a service interruption on November 16th.

- Added validation to eForm XML upload to prevent invalid validators from being created.

- Update to OSCAR integration to allow non-SSL OSCAR servers (not recommended though; Ocean connection will be via SSL in any case).

- Fixed bug that caused incorrect encryption key to be used for EFormAction-linked Study eForms.

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