Ocean Server Upgrade Nov 3 2015 Release Notes

This release marks a return to our regular major release schedule. It contains more than the normal number of enhancements and fixes because it's been a few weeks since a full release.

Ocean core changes:

- Bumping minimum acceptable Ocean Tablet version to 102.

- Formulas in Online eForms will now calculation on initial render, which will fix edge cases around showing and hide sections or items on load based on a formula value.

- Newline characters within a keyword in an eForm will now prevent keyword matching.

- Web Questionnaire health number validation will now strip dashes and spaces from health number entered by patient prior to validation.

- Fix to phone number validation in Ocean Online for longer than acceptable phone numbers.

- Server-side support for "tamper-proofing" tablets. An upcoming tablet release (109) will allow you to snapshot the current configuration of a tablet upon registration and automatically deregister tablets that have had new or different software installed on them.

- Patient removal warning emails now contain the modification date of the patients.

- Miscellaneous styling/aesthetic fixes, including notably making the eRequest forms much narrower (since many clinics were simply opening the forms in new tabs/windows and they were stretching quite wide on big monitors).

- Server-side support for maiden name and address line 2 type EMR fields (i.e. demographic fields).

- Adding support for Arabic health questionnaires for the Syrian Refugee Cognisant Cause program.

EMR integration improvements:

- Some server side changes to prepare for upcoming change to allow PS Suite custom form to reuse Ocean patient objects (to bring behaviour inline with OSCAR integration behaviour).

- OSCAR patient upload now hashes health numbers as well so that the tablet can be used in Kiosk mode at OSCAR clinics (bringing parity with TELUS PS Suite and Accuro).

Improvements to the Ocean Health Service Directory and eReferral system:

- Server side changes to allow the PS Suite Quick Referral Form to resend referrals, enable 2-way messaging notifications via email, send secure attachments and summarize all messages about the referral as a progress note when the referral appointment is complete. It will also capture the Ocean referral ID in the progress note for audit purposes.

- Fixes to eReferral/eRequest export. We've also changed the behaviour to only export the eReferrals and eRequests that are visible according to the current inbox filter. If you wish to export all as per current behaviour, just choose "all" from the filter first.

- Printed referral receipt now shows the sending physician, reviewer (at referral site) and sender Ocean site name.

- Added hospitalist specialty as a health service in the Ocean Health Service Directory.

Performance fixes that came out of the instrumentation and analysis of the recent outage:

- Performance improvement in the Ocean Online form rendering (likely only noticeable on longer eForms).

- Removed the credit display when sending a web questionnaire. This simple display of available credits (which was nice) involved complex billing and caused a material load on the server every time a web questionnaire was sent. We are eliminating it for now. 

- Default radius for Ocean Directory search dropped to 5km to reduce load on server in default scenario. The radius will be saved as a cookie for convenience.


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