Ocean Server Upgrade Sept 8 2015 Release Notes

Features and bug fixes scheduled for tonight's release:

  • eRequests: fixed the criteria so that the "send" folder doesn't include patient generated eRequests
  • eRequests: adding support for ConsultConduit eConsults in the Ocean directory as demonstrated at eHealth 2015 conference
  • eRequests: added warning for GPs referring to non-validated referral targets
  • eForm Editor: fixed bug clearing rememberIf, rememberTag fields
  • OSCAR integration: now Ocean will update the patient object when the OSCAR eForm is opened for a patient already loaded into Ocean
  • Minor cleanup of code around tablet settings dialog in the web portal
  • Fixes for some edge case rendering of numeric scales in Ocean Online
  • Fixed eFormAction "send email"; now an eForm can send an email to a patient automatically
  • "Invite Cohort" is now labelled "Email Cohort" in the patients tab for clarity (since you can use it to blast emails to patients as well as web questionnaires)

Some interesting eForm content this week:

  • Dictation Assistant: we built an Ocean form to help docs using Dragon Dictate, which doesn't work nicely with Java-based EMRs. This Ocean eForm allows you to dictate into an Ocean form (in a web browser) instead of the Java app, and the notes will go into the chart like any other Ocean note.
  • Some improvements to cancer and other screening forms to use custom vitals to help in reminder/search logic for preventative screening programs
  • Additional pain tools and exercise assessment tool (IPAQ)
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