Ocean Server Upgrade August 25 2015 Release Notes

New features and bug fixes in the August 25th release:

  • OSCAR integration: Ocean can now update smoking status in OSCAR (like PS Suite). We still intend to build more generic mappings to handle other OSCAR measurements using the same custom vitals already flagged in many Ocean eForms with the @ notation. 
  • OSCAR integration: OSCAR users can now open online forms for a patient, like PS Suite users have been able to do for a while.
  • Ocean Referrals: Now you can only select "walk-in" in a referral for certain health services.

Miscellaneous bug fixes:

  • Study preview in the eForm Editor now shows the value instead of the text for the answers.
  • Minor fix to return the most recently patient uploaded in Ocean Tablet kiosk mode. An upcoming version of the PS Suite Ocean custom form will provide a better fix by reusing an existing patient record if one is found in Ocean.
  • Non-Ocean (anonymous) EMR users get a better message when faxing a requisition
  • OSCAR will now show an existing eForm queue for a patient in the OSCAR eForm.
  • OSCAR will now show a nicer error message if the eForm fails to load.
  • Miscellaneous improvements to the Ocean API reference implementation page.

New EForms this week:

  • Nipissing screens can now send email links to patients to view the Nipissing parent information. The forms have been updated. We'll release a new tablet version (105) that supports this functionality.
  • WSIB Form 8 history collection
  • PAR-Q+ and IPAQ (exercise questionnaires)
  • Pap Test Reminder
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