Ocean Server Upgrade Sept 1 2015 Release Notes

Features and bug fixes scheduled for tonight's release:

  • Now you can filter eRequests in the inbox by eRequest link (e.g. so you can view new patient registrations without the prescription renewals or appointment requests/cancellations)
  • Conversation/Messaging panel in eRequest dialog will be hidden for patient-generated eRequests for the time being (it will still appear for GP referrals for messaging with the GP). We intend to reintroduce this panel for emailing directly with patients from the referral dialog.
  • Fix to eFormAction dialog box in the EForm Editor to avoid phantom eFormActions from being created (this was causing some "email send" eFormActions to be saved unintentionally)
  • Fixes to query that drives the usage reports, which have been failing intermittently due to data volume on the system
  • Fixing error handling and simplifying deployment for new OSCAR Ocean integrations (including automatic validation of encryption key, similar to the TELUS PSS integration)
  • Adding stroke care and neurorehabilitation as separate health services in the Ocean eReferral Directory
  • Minor fix to geocoding logic for the Ocean eReferral Directory
  • Small change to the way the fee warning on the Ocean Online form completion to further clarify pricing options
  • Sending Web Questionnaires now shows you the number of credits remaining (this was broken a few weeks ago)
  • Minor fixes to Accuro integration, e.g. fixing Ocean logo display
  • Fixed drag-and-drop issue for favourites configuration on tablet
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