Ocean Server Upgrade June 26 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for June 26, 2017 at 9:00 PM includes the following:


  • Significant refactoring of the referral inbox to improve performance for sites with many referrals. You should notice the screen loading much faster.
  • Improved sort and search options for provider, noted and reviewer to address central intake use cases for managing lists of referrals in the inbox.
  • Central Intake sites will now see all referrals scheduled for deletion, not just those that have not been exported for archive. A green checkmark will indicate that a referral has been exported in the past.
  • Add "Patient missed appointment" (patient was a no show) to CI "patient factors" note comments.
  • Fixed a bug that hid the "Forward" button for central intake if a referral was opened from an email notification.
  • Added additional analytics fields: numCIAttachments (ie the number of ClinicalConnect attachments added by CI) and ax_imaging_status
  • Public/private key management has been moved into the encryption tab (from the "Features->eReferral" spot)
  • Clinician message email notifications are more clear now, always identifying the source and target of the message (particularly important in cases of central intake in the "loop"). We've also improved the relevance logic: the email notifications will be sent if and only if the update is relevant for the site, i.e. if it's a global status update or if there's a comment with that site as a target.
  • We've again tweaked the behaviour of notes with respect to master/child relationships. The notes on the referral prior to splitting will remain with the master referral, although analytics fields will be replicated to child referrals.
  • Added priority criterion to bulk estimated wait time updater (e.g. so you can update all unbooked P3 referrals to 4-6 months).
  • Referral print-outs will now include the referrers address.
  • Changed "Signed: " to "Referrer: " when entering an inbound referral.
  • Referrer site name will be required for all new referral targets.
  • Fixed a bug that would show "An online questionnaire was completed (no note was generated)" if the review/triage note was left blank.
  • Fixed a bug in the OSCAR eReferral toolbar that prevented pre-population of some patient data into referral forms.
  • Fixed a bug with the "Completed" tab for central intake (referrals weren't appearing as they should when marked completed).
  • Fixed a bug that caused a garbled reviewer name when an EMR user requests a review for a referral.
  • Now the system will prompt to save changes when user hits escape key to close the referral view dialog.

Patient Engagement:

  • New Feature: we've revamped the Ocean Study multi-study export feature to make life easier for researchers. Now you can export any study with linked participant keys and it will allow you to export any related studies. The resulting file will be a "long skinny" file with variable name & value in columns. With Excel, you can filter for variables (e.g. phq9 score), you can transpose data for a wider view and the files are more appropriate for stats tools in general.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an error for patients accessing web questionnaires in rare circumstances (slow network access).
  • Minimum accepted Ocean Tablet version bumped to 136.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from seeing the current day pre-selected in date pickers throughout the Ocean portal.
  • Fixed a bug in the API that would omit the one time key when returning referrals.
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