Ocean Server Upgrade June 12 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for June 12, 2017 at 9:00PM ET includes the following changes:


  • For the 'related referrals' view, it now shows a message when a site clicks to access a referral that is inaccessible to the current site: "Your current site does not have specific permission granted to access the details of this referral.". This message is shown for example when a specialist site tries to open a referral sent to another specialist site. Note that each site that can access the referral can still see a brief summary of the other related referrals.
  • The booking panel is no longer shown for master referrals.
  • Referrer phone numbers are automatically formatted and validated when sending referrals.
  • Google geolocation errors are now logged silently by the browser instead of showing a (potentially confusing) popup message to the referrer.

Referral analytics Export

  • New fields added: numExternalMessages, ax_cm_arthritis, ax_cm_asthma.

Referral Portal

  • Added support for searching by provider (i.e. the current owner listing) to help central intake.
  • Sender sites are no longer able to mark Awaiting Reply on the recipient's behalf.
  • The Review popup panel will now show the OK button regardless of whether the referral needs review (in which case the Reviewed button is shown). This allows users to close the triaging popup without closing the referral parent popup and without marking the referral as reviewed.
  • When forwarding referrals, users can now proceed after the message, "Please clear the scheduled appointment date prior to forwarding this referral" once they clear the appointment date, without having to save and close the dialog first.
  • It's now easier to clear the scheduled date from referrals: it will clear the time when the date is completely cleared, and vice-versa.

Wait Time Management

  • Added a new Update Wait Times button in the referral portal to allow specialist sites to update a subset of their referrals with a specified date range and health service to a new wait time.
  • Wait Time 2 was not displaying in the popup for the health service offering in the directory: fixed

Referral Letter Printout

  • The letter now excludes the labels for billing number, professional ID, signature if these fields are unavailable.

Referral Email Notifications

  • Email notifications were sometimes not sent to 'anonymous' referrers despite their use of an email address.
  • Removed CognisantMD salutation from referral notifications.
  • Central intake sites will no longer receive an email notification when they forward a referral.
  • The caption, 'The referral currently resides with: ____' within the referral notification email is now excluded for referrals that have just been forwarded.
  • A new referral notification email can be sent to patients to provide a signup link for the patient portal. The email will only be sent if the user is logged in, the patient provides email consent and an email address, and the referral target listing is in the regional authority.

Patient Engagement

  • The formatting some old eForm picture files have been cleaned up.
  • Improved the refresh behaviour of the eForm browser's search functionality.
  • Minor improvements to the overdue responses notification email, particularly regarding the links at the bottom of the email. Changed to "_Learn More_ about managing overdue responses" and "__Click here to see all the patients with overdue messages__ at your site.". It includes the site number as well.

Ocean Studies

  • Participant key alignment is now permitted for standard studies; research tier is no longer required for alignment.


  • Fixed a bug in the user billing tab when viewing an invoice from another site for which the user is payer.
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