Ocean Server Upgrade June 5 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for June 5, 2017 at 9:00 PM ET includes the following changes.


  • A number of improvements in the master/child referral framework: the referral "family" appears in a nicely formatted single pane with hyperlinks to view the other children; notes on the master will get copied to the children but not "re-displayed";  
  • Fixed a bug that would cause duplicate canned responses to be added in maintenance screen.
  • PDF referral view will now properly including underlining in the referral note; other minor display glitch fixes in the generated PDF.
  • A number of wording tweaks to referral email notifications for forwarded referrals to make the process more intuitive for patients and caregivers.
  • Updated the error message that appears when you try to forward a booked referral to be easier to understand.
  • A tooltip has been added to address line 2 to remind referrals to include the apt/suite number.
  • The "completed" button will no longer show for central intake sites since it's confusingly similar to "processed" (which is intended for central intake archival purposes).
  • Fixed a bug that would merge listings even if user asked for a new listing to be created separate from an existing "matching" listing.
  • Removed CognisantMD logo and copyright notice from the regional authority license agreement template screen since CognisantMD will (generally) not be party to any such agreements.
  • Fixed incorrect dialog header for missing gender validation message.

Patient Engagement

  • We've reduced the price of single named user Ocean Online User Subscriptions from $50/month to $30/month even as we add new functionality!
  • Fixed logic to find duplicate tablets upon registration to ignore deregistered tablet records.
  • There is a new keyword "@user.properName" that you can use in secure messages to identify the user sending the notification (i.e. a subject like, "A Message from Jeff Kavanagh")
  • Patient replies to secure messages (via the Allow Reply checkbox in the Send Message dialog) will now always send an email notification (as opposed to only when "Notify me when viewed" was checked)
  • The minimum accepted tablet version is now 133.


  • Add script validation for eFormActions in the eForm Editor to prevent invalid eFormActions from being created. Empty formula expressions will also be caught before saving eForms.
  • Fixed a bug that caused invoice numbers for new invoices to be null.
  • We've added a safeguard to prevent sites from accidentally changing their shared encryption key. You will need to request a permission code from CognisantMD before you can change it.
  • Fixed the support link from the Ocean web portal (bottom left corner of screen) to single-sign-on to support desk (like the existing "help and community" link in drop-down menu does).
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