Ocean Server Upgrade May 29 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for May 29, 2017 at 9:00 PM ET includes the following:


  • New feature: you can now click "notify" after assigning a referral for review to immediately send an email notification to the user with a link to review the referral.
  • New feature: confirmed booked referrals can now be marked "processed" to remove them from the active list. The completed checkbox has been removed from the scheduling panel as part of this change to remove clutter in favour of a "completed" button that appears when the appointment date has passed.
  • Improved the "decline" workflow to allow a specialists to initiate the decline process via a new local note option "please decline", which clears it from the specialists queue and prompts the reception clerk/MOA to finish the decline.
  • Central intake address, phone and fax will be hidden in referral notifications to reduce confusion.
  • Notification email to central intake will no longer have the referrers name in the salutation.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented notifications to referrers that are not associated with a site.
  • Fixed a bug that showed "forward" button on master referrals (only child referrals can be forwarded)
  • Disabled local notes for master referrals (since it's not clear how/when such notes should cascade down to child referrals -- simplest is to force local notes to be entered on the child referrals, which is the normal use case.)
  • Users will now be prompted when creating new inbound referrals to indicate the source of the referral (fax, phone or other). 
  • We've added "reviewer" and "requested by" columns in the "Needs Review" tab.
  • The order of local notes is smarter; now it will always be chronological. The "review note", which can be edited using the review form even after subsequent notes have been added, will appear with a blue highlight. The local notes section has also been renamed "Notes" for simplicity.
  • Survey links for patient feedback are more prominent in referral notification emails.
  • Fixed minor bugs around new targeted messaging feature (i.e. referrers can no longer message their own site in anonymous EMR user referrals).
  • Fixed inconsistent style colour in eReferral link in Health Service Offering detail panel (would appear orange instead of Green on mouse hover-over).
  • Referral recipients can now click a link on a new referral notification to quickly view entire inbox.
  • Fixed a number of issues in referral analytics based on requirements for Central Intake: more fields are captured, the "wasSeen" column has been updated to look for the local note "was seen", Fixed an issue that could cause patient distance-to-service to be blank in referral analytics for new referrals when not sent through a directory search. For this reason, patient city is now mandatory to ensure geocoding can be performed reliably.
  • The system will now clear the "needs review" status for forwarded and declined referrals so that they disappear from the needs review folder upon forward or decline. All users will regain access to the "reviewed" button for referrals in "needs review" status. 
  • Miscellaneous minor fixes to referral analytics API (e.g. adding additional ax_ fields, skipping masters, etc.).
  • Added new API for retrieving self-referral referral targets. Note that the private key retrieval API endpoint has changed. See updated documentation for specifics.
  • Minor tweaks to forwarded referral printouts: "Appt. Dates/Times" instead of "Appt. Dates", improved wrapping logic for multiple phone numbers, improved whitespace balance, added support for specific fax-back notifications fields, fixed overlap glitch with the referral target title.
  • NPs must now include a billing number when sending a referral.
  • A few folders in the inbox have been reordered slightly to make more intuitive (moving "outstanding" up, "for me" down, "all received" at the bottom).
  • Added new sample API code to the reference implementation for querying referrals and referral analytics. Also a few usability fixes on the page (e.g. to allow copy and paste, scrolling, etc.)

Patient Engagement:

  • Now you can defer overdue notifications for Ocean Online secure messages if you want to give the patient more time (think "snooze button").
  • Added logic to the tablet registration process to prompt for subsite reference if more than one is defined for a site, and it will warn you if a duplicate tablet name is found. Note that you need to have Ocean tablet version 150 or higher to use this feature.
  • We've added a new option in the tablet group settings to control when (and if) the patient using a tablet is marked "arrived" in the appointment view in the EMR -- either at the beginning, upon completion, or never. Note that you'll need to upgrade to Tablet version 152 later this week to take advantage of this feature.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error message if the patient clicked "next" in Ocean Online before the form has completed loading.
  • A bit of plumbing work to prepare for new TELUS API.
  • Minimum tablet version supported is now v132 from v131.


  • Suppressed a benign but ugly error message regarding "DWR errors" that occurred when an Ocean web portal session times out.
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