Ocean Server Upgrade May 17 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean release scheduled for May 17, 2017 at 9:00 includes the following features and bug fixes:

Sending eReferrals

  • Listings with a central intake site will now send the referral to central intake when the central intake form is used for the referral. The button will now say "eRefer to Central Intake" when the central intake form is used. Previously the user had the choice of directing the eReferral to the listing itself. Listings that take advantage of a central intake site can still choose to receive direct eReferrals, but only only when the site hosts their own specific referral form and the referrer chooses this form.
  • The prompt for email consent is only shown once (previously it was shown redundantly with each subsequent validation error).
  • An asterisk will now show after mandatory fields on the referral form.
  • The billing number is now enforced only when the clinician type is a family doctor or specialist.
  • Referrers must now specify an email address when one isn't already specified in the referral dialog. Emails are passed automatically from the Ocean user account, from the linked EMR account, and the quick referral form.

eReferral Letter Printout

  • The referral letter print format has been significantly improved for central intake:
    • Now includes the phone and fax number for both the target and the Forwarded By (CI) site
    • Whitespace use and layout is improved to shrink the overall height and consequently consume less pages on average
    • Less address information is included now from central intake and the destination site (reported as redundant/unnecessary)
    • Now supports a logo at the top right
    • Date and timestamp are included on the letter
    • The < and > characters are supported as inline text
    • Page numbers and the patient name is printed as a header on subsequent pages.
    • The title includes the full referral description instead of just the first health service (uses "..." if too long)
    • Specialist offices can now Download Letter and see the forwarding site (eg Central Intake and the CI logo)

eReferral Management

  • The Reassign Health Service dialog's interface has been improved with Cancel/OK buttons and 'autocomplete' behaviour for finding a health service.
  • When viewing an eReferral via a link in an email notification, you can now click a View Referral Inbox link.
  • Added a new "Add Related Referral" menu option for central intake and specialist sites that can be used to add new referrals for the patient (potentially with the same health service).
  • Specialist offices can no longer delete referrals that have been forwarded by central intake (they can however choose to decline them or cancel them).
  • The "Advanced Referrals" option has been removed so that all users see all eRequest functionality. 
  • Added a referrals/analytics REST API for partners to use for analytics reporting.
  • Improved the layout and behaviour of the Public/Private Key configuration dialog.
  • The Export Referrals dialog will now include referrals forwarded by a site.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented viewing attachments within child referrals and decryption errors.
  • Some of the status tabs were not showing referrals in some cases.
  • Fixed a couple bugs with the new targeted messaging for Central Intake referrals that prevented specialist offices from sending messages to the central intake site and users from sending messages to sites sent via anonymous EMR users.
  • Referrals can now be immediately forwarded and subsequently revoked from the New tab (previously they had to be Accepted).
  • Recently Viewed referrals tab will now included forwarded referrals that were recently viewed.
  • Improved the positioning of the Import popup when Accepting referrals (it would sometimes appear far downscreen with 'tall' referrals) and the popup menus for Local Note, Send Message, and Canned Responses.
  • The referral notification email for sending sites would show "MRN" even with a blank MRN number.

Health Service Directory

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent saving listings when they fail to be identified by the Google Maps geolocator (showing the "Unable to Plot" message)
  • The Matching Results tab is highlighted automatically when a search argument is passed to the map directory page (previously it stayed on the Browse tab despite having search results).

Patient Engagement

  • Added ability to search and export by cohort from Patients tab.
  • Added patient cohort export with columns: pt ref, emr id, emailed, notes, notes pending download, secure msgs, secure msgs pending confirm, secure msgs viewed, forms in queue.
  • Keywords that produce any non-negative, non-zero value (e.g. "Y", "Yes", "1", "Jan 1, 1990", etc.) will now 'check' a checkbox (used by the diabetes central intake form).
  • Fixed some minor spacing issues with the secure message display to patients.
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