Ocean Server Upgrade April 26 2017 Release Notes

The Ocean Server release scheduled for April 26th at 9:30PM includes the following:


  • New feature: added ability for a regional authority to include patient survey in email booking notifications for participating referral targets to facilitate benefits realization analysis. We've also added a new analytics flag for referrals to indicate that a patient has been notified by email (and thus can be used to assess response rate).
  • New feature: Referral targets can now "name" health service offerings, which will particularly useful for chronic disease management programs such as "Craving Change", which would previously just appear to the referring clinician as "Nutritional Counselling" prior to opening the referral form.
  • Phone numbers manually entered will now be validated and formatted automatically in the referral header.
  • Health Service Directory UI improvements: "Title" search has been renamed to "Name" for clarity (since it also searches surname in some cases); shows a warning message of a health service search is done without a patient location; improved back button behaviour to include location changes.
  • Fix to referral analytics to address an edge case in which a regional authority site forwards a referral to ensure the referral is appropriately tracked.
  • Minor fixes to new "local notes architecture" from last week (e.g. fixing referral printouts to accommodate better)
  • Added more explicit email consent audit trail (in backend audit subsystem) and captured email consent when email address is added/updated in the inbox view of the referral (i.e. after it's been received).
  • "Seen" lifecycle status/event has been renamed to the more generic "complete" to better encompass pathways such as chronic disease and prevention, where workshops may be completed without the patients being "seen" in a specialist appointment sense.
  • The referral printout will no longer include the event log, which was getting verbose based on view access log entries.
  • Referral export will now include all referrals matching export dialog criteria, regardless of what folder is currently open. Forwarded referrals will now be included as well.
  • Now you can edit referral notes for existing internal referrals (i.e. created via "new inbound")
  • Fix to bug that could cause & signs to be replaced with non-sensical characters in the referral note.
  • Minor wording changes in sign up process for new referral targets based on SCA feedback.
  • Fixed a bug that caused booking comments to be duplicated when updated.
  • "Patient Declined" added as option for declining a referral.
  • Added FHIR service mapping framework for future interoperability purposes.
  • Fixed a bug in the new support for multiple patient handouts in appointment booking notifications.

Patient Engagement:

  • Added a maximum cohort size of 1000 patients. If you need to send questionnaires or messages to more than 1000, you can create additional cohorts.
  • Ocean Tablets must be version 129 or higher. Older ones will prompt to upgrade.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the OceanConnect version information to be hidden from the web portal view.
  •  Small performance optimization to skip a redundant client-side decryption in the patient tab.


  • Minor fix to convert tabs in notes to spaces to address lack of tab character support in some browsers.
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